Bike Spotting

Choose cycling.
Choose a road.
Choose a climb.
Choose a short route,
Choose a bloody big route
Choose Boardman, Giant,
Pinerello and Dura Ace electronic shifting.
Choose good health, low cholesterol
and a massive pair of quads.
Choose higher power output.
Choose a low heart rate.
Choose your Cycling Club.
Choose the club jersey and matching shorts.
Choose a huge tub of SIS Sports drink
in a range of bloody flavours.
Choose your snacks and wondering where to ride
on a Sunday morning.
Choose racing the guy next to you to the crest of the hill
A last big effort before home
Choose stuffing your face end of it all,
pouring protein shakes into your face
recovering on the couch guiltless, smug, content
Stretching out tired legs
Choose getting up the next day and doing it all again.
Choose your Life. Choose Cycling.